Handbook / Conduct

James Kennedy Elementary School

4875 – 222nd Street, Langley, BC V3A 3Z7


Mr. Gord Stewart Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Mal Gill Assistant Superintendent of Schools                                                                                   Mr. Edward Bradford Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Barry Bunyan Human Resources
Ms. Michelle Guillou Human Resources
Mr. Brian Isile Secretary Treasurer

Arrival and Dismissal
• Students are requested not to use the front doors of the school. Students are to enter the school (in the morning) and exit the school (at the end of the day) via their outside classroom door.

• We discourage pupils from arriving earlier than 8:30 AM unless it is for a scheduled activity. Adults are on supervision at 8:31 AM to ensure the safety of our students. Our morning welcome bell goes at 8:46 AM.

• It is our expectation that students will go directly home after school unless they are involved in a school activity or have made prior arrangements. Supervision after school is provided from 2:45 to 3:00 PM.

Late arrival
• Students arriving after the 8:51 AM bell are requested to enter the main doors of the school and go directly to the office to sign in and pick up a late slip. This slip is to be given to their teacher upon entering the classroom.

Reporting Absences
• Each morning parent volunteers (Safe Arrival Phoning Program) verify all unaccounted absences. Your cooperation in calling in any absences, or sending a message or note with a sibling is requested. Please do not have the children phone. We need to hear from a parent. Please try to call in before our 8:51 AM start. We have an answering machine for your convenience.

School Visits
• When visiting the school, a classroom or the playground, as indicated in School Board Policy, you must check in at the office as you arrive and pick up a Visitor’s Badge.

• We ask parents NOT to go directly to the playground or classrooms to talk to children, or to deliver lunches or other items. We ask that you respect the teachers’ time with the students as well as the very important safety considerations covered by this School Board Policy.

• Any items for students (lunches, etc.) are to be dropped off outside the office for students to pick up. Please ensure items are clearly labeled with the student’s name.

• Teachers appreciate parental assistance in many formats. Please remember if you are in the school as a volunteer to sign in at the office, wear a volunteer tag and sign out when leaving.
• We must also be sensitive to the fact that certain duties are the responsibility of paid employees. If you have any questions as to the duties volunteers can perform, please feel free to call the office.

Student Pick-Up
• If you are sending someone to pick up your children, please inform the office of this intent.

When Children Are Sick
• In fairness to all, please do not send your child to school if there are definite signs of ill health. We have neither the facilities nor the personnel to care for sick children. Good health is necessary for effective learning. Students who are ill should receive proper medical attention and should not attend school until their health is reasonable. Students who become ill during the day are to go directly to their teacher.

• Our policy is to send students who are ill, home as soon as possible. Our practice is to call parents and ask that the student be picked up. For this reason, it is important that parents keep work and emergency phone numbers current.

Severe Allergies
• JKE is not different than any other school where children attend and have threatening allergies, some more severe than others. With life-threatening conditions, we must err on the side of caution.

• When packing a child’s snack or lunch, please be mindful of nut allergies that other children may have. Please totally avoid nuts, nut butter, nut products and nut oils. Thank you for working with us to keep all children safe!

Medication for Students
• On occasion we have been asked by a parent to ensure their child receives prescribed medication. Please be aware that in order to do so, we require the completion of the “Request for Administration of Medication at School” form available through the office.

• For important safety reasons, under NO circumstances can a student have any medication in their backpack or on their person (with the exception of inhalers and EpiPens) whether it is over-the-counter or prescription.

Electronics/Cell Phones at School
• We prefer that students do not bring electronic games or devices, such as iPods, to school. The possibility that they will get accidentally damaged or “borrowed” is very real. Please be aware that if your child does bring such items to school, they are entirely responsible for them and staff will not become involved if something happens to them.

• If cell phones are brought to school, they are to be TURNED OFF and left in backpacks when on the school grounds, otherwise they will be taken. This is to prevent interruptions to classes as well as inappropriate use of camera features and is a consistent policy across all elementary schools in the District.

• In case of emergency, parents are asked to call the office. The office will immediately get the message to the student(s).

Emergency Response and Drill
• Fire drills, earthquake drills and lockdown drills will be held throughout the year to practice student safety procedures. The emergency response plan is updated each year.

Bicycle Safety
• Parents are asked to review bicycle safety with their children. Cyclists must always ride single file with the traffic and they must know and follow the rules of the road.

• All students must wear bicycle helmets.

• Bicycles brought to school should always be left locked in the racks. The few bikes that have been stolen over the years have usually been left unlocked.

• For safety reasons, all students and adults are asked to walk any form of “wheels” on the school grounds (e.g. bicycles, scooters, skateboards).

Parking Lot Safety
• We have a very busy parking lot, as we are the largest elementary school in the District. We are extremely concerned about the safety of our students.

• Parking is very limited on the school grounds so if you do not want to simply drop off your child, we would strongly encourage you to walk to school, carpool, organize a Walking School Bus, or park off the school grounds – if you decide on this last option, please be considerate of our neighbours.

Please note the following parking lot guidelines and please follow them every day:
• Drive very slowly!
• In the morning, there is absolutely NO PARKING in the drop off lane in front of the school. Drop off only.
• In the afternoon, parking is allowed in the pick up lane.
• Never double park.
• Please be very aware of the 2 crosswalks in the drive through lane.
• Please give your full attention to driving when you are on the school grounds. Please refrain from using your cell phone, drinking your coffee etc.


• Two-way communication between staff and parents is strongly encouraged. No question or concern is too big or too small. Along with formal report cards, parents and teachers communicate regularly through personal visits, phone calls, agenda notes and email.

• Please ensure that the office has your current email address. Newsletters are sent (emailed) home on alternate Thursdays.

• Information is available on our school website:,
We will also be posting regular updates on our Twitter account: @JKEschool

Acceptable Use Policy / Photo Release Form
• Parents will be asked to read and sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the use of technology in school on behalf of their child(ren). This is a District Policy that permits students to use District technology while at school.

• Parents will also be given the opportunity to sign a Photo Release Form. This allows for the use of a student’s picture on District, school, or classroom websites or twitter account. Please note that a student photo is never posted with the student’s full name.


Learning Assistance/Resource Programs
• Our Learning Assistance/Resource teachers coordinate school-based, District and community resources to provide appropriate educational opportunities for all students. We recognize that students have special needs of many kinds and strive to cater to students requiring extra support.

Supplies and Textbooks
• All students are responsible for providing their basic school supplies. Students are loaned textbooks for the year. Intermediate students often have individual books worth more than $50.00. Pupils are asked to treat all textbooks with care, as they will be charged for any that are damaged or not returned.

Use of the Office Telephone
• The school telephones are used for business and are in constant demand. We have two phone lines and over 700 people in the building.

• Students must have a permission slip from their teacher to use the telephone in cases of need. If a student is being detained after school and the parent is unaware, that student will be permitted to use the telephone to inform parents.

• We do not allow pupils to use the phones to plan social arrangements.

• Our growing library collection contains over 17 000 materials (in both French and English) for students and staff.

• Students will have the opportunity to visit the library each week with their class. They may take out two books per week. French Immersion students will take out at least one French resource. Students are asked to return their books each week in order to take out new items for the following week.

• If a book is lost or damaged, students/families will be asked to pay for its replacement. If a lost book is later found in good condition within the school year, a refund will be issued.

• Our counsellor is here every week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). Referrals are generally accepted through the school-based team, teachers, parents or students’ self-referrals.

Lost and Found
• Frequently items such as gym strip or binders are misplaced. If the items are labeled with the student’s name, it greatly assists in their speedy return.

• A lost and found area (clothes rack) is located in the north hallway. We encourage students and parents to check this area if something has been misplaced. Smaller items, such as keys, are kept in the office. Periodically, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Motto:
I am responsible. I respect myself, others, and the environment.

At James Kennedy Elementary, we recognize that the vast majority of behaviours displayed by our students are positive. We believe reinforcing positive behaviour should be our main focus.

At James Kennedy everyone is expected to:
• Be respectful of everyone
• Be responsible
• Be dependable. Show up on time, prepared for work and with appropriate learning materials
• Complete assignments to the best of his/her ability
• Contribute creatively, productively and responsibly
• Respect their own and others’ life space
• Demonstrate courtesy, common sense, cooperation and consideration at all times
• Use language appropriate to the school setting

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner that is neither physically or emotionally damaging to themselves or others.

In order to ensure the protection and safety of individuals and school property, the following behaviours will not be tolerated: disrespect, disobedience, vandalism, fighting, stealing, harassment of any type, swearing, smoking.

Discipline Policy
At James Kennedy our approach to discipline is based upon the following:
• That misbehaviour on the part of students will occur
• That misbehaviour for the most part can be effectively dealt with through positive interaction and intervention
• That unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated

Generally, recognition of the inappropriateness and commitment to improve is all that is required. Defiance or disobedience as a result of incidental misbehaviour is considered unacceptable. Continual or chronic misbehaviour is also considered unacceptable.

Unacceptable Behaviour
The consequences for unacceptable behaviour range from a discussion about the behavior to loss of privileges, to suspension (in school or at home).

Serious Offences
A school must provide a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn effectively. Consequently certain actions must be dealt with severely by the school, the school board and the law.
These include:
• Being under the influence of, or in the possession of, alcohol or drugs while at school or at a school function
• The use of physical violence or verbal threats in or around the school
• The causing of willful damage to school property
• Smoking on school property
• The willful disobedience of lawful directives issued by a teacher or other employee of the board
• Verbal, sexual and physical harassment


Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
Purpose: The purpose of the PAC is to promote and support education and to contribute to a sense of school community at James Kennedy Elementary.

Objectives: To enhance communication between parents, community, students and the Board, school, administration and staff
• To promote cooperation between home and school
• To promote involvement of parents and other community members

Members: PAC President 2015-16: Mandy Molenaar
• All parents and guardians of students registered at James Kennedy Elementary are voting members.
• Monthly meetings are held at the school. At these meetings decisions are made affecting your children and your input is important.

James Kennedy Elementary

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