POPS (Parents of Primary Students)

Welcome to our information page for POPS! (Parents of Primary Students)

POPS is an engaging parent involvement initiative that connects home, school and community.  Together we work to support our Primary students in their learning.  This program has many components to keep it relevant and meaningful for all, including Adult Talk Time, Family Centre Time, Discussion and debrief, childminding, door prizes, ice-cream sundaes and more!

Our February session will focus on the Literacy/Numeracy Connection.  Together we will explore authentic examples of literacy and numeracy, and how to support children as they interact with language and mathematics.   We all count, estimate, measure, read, write and speak daily.  At our POPS event, we will explore how communicating, thinking and making personal connections are competencies that can be developed as students engage with both language and math.

POPS (Parents of Primary Students)

The Literacy/Numeracy Connection – Tuesday, March 5. 5:30 – 7:30


  • Adults only in the gym (discussing the topic)
  • Primary students in various classrooms with host teachers.
  • Toddlers in the music room (childminding)


  • Adults and primary children interacting at various centres in classrooms
  • Toddlers remain in the childminding room


  • Adult only debrief in the gym
  • Primary students in the library
  • Toddlers in the childminding room


  • Adults pick up toddlers and primary students and head to the gym
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Make and Take bags with books
  • Door prize draw


Please see the links below for supporting articles and activities.

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