Action Plan for Learning

James Kennedy Elementary 2020-21 Action Plan for Learning:

What have we done so far, and will continue? 

We intend to fulfill our school’s mission statement of “Success for all through learning and caring” through our Action Plan for Learning goals, approaching learning, instruction and assessment from a holistic approach as we focus on supporting the Whole Child: the physical, the spiritual, the emotional, and the intellectual.
For the 2020-21 school year, we will continue to work on our Action Plan goals from 2019-20 after the unexpected interruption to in-person instruction due to COVID-19. Our Literacy Goal is aligned with the District Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, and we make our decisions and shape our process through this lens.
Our shared goal is to have all students reading at grade level, or meeting goals as outlined in their IEPs by the end of Grade 3. Embedded in our Literacy Goal is our Social Responsibility inquiry.  They are developed simultaneously in order to create successful literacy learners and contributing members of society.
    • Our goal is for all students to be meeting expectations in Reading by the end of Grade 3 (aligned with District goal)
    • All students will continue to meet or exceed expectations in Reading beyond grade 3, or meet IEP/AIP Learning Goals.
    • All students will be meeting or exceeding expectations as per K-7 Social Responsibility Performance Standards.

You can learn more about our Action Plan for Learning by visiting our link: HERE

The District’s core values of integrity, courage, community and excellence will guide James Kennedy’s Action Plan. Aligned with the District Mission to “Inspire all learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future,” the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement  reminds us that we are here for “Nurturing each student; with the child at the centre of our work,” which reinforces our common vision of “Success for all through learning and caring”. 

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