Volunteer-Driver Elem-MidFINALOct2022

  • Volunteer Driver Form: If you will be driving students for a school-based event, then this form must be completed and handed in to the office, along with your driver’s license and insurance for copying.

Volunteer Safety Form

  • Volunteer Safety Form: If you want to volunteer within the school and/or classroom, this form must be filled out and turned into the office before you begin.

Student-Registration-Form-April 2022

  • Registration Form: This form is filled out to provide the registering school with student and parent information required for registration.

Cross Boundary Request Form

  • Cross-Boundary Form: If you would like to request your child attend a school, other than their catchment school, you will be required to complete this form and have it signed by the catchment school principal and then bring it to the school of your choice.


  • Reunification Form: In case of a major emergency, we need information so that we can release your child to a safe person in the event you are unable to get to the school.


  • Walking Field Trip Permission: From time to time, we go on short walking field trips within a couple kilometres of the school. This form gives your child permission to participate in those throughout the year without requiring a separate form for each outing.

Medical Alert-Admin of Medication

  • Medical Alert-Admin of Medication Permission: This form gives us information regarding your child’s medical condition and/or medicine that your child requires and also gives us permission to administer medicine to them, as per your instructions.


  • Media Release Form: This form gives the school permission to share photos of your child in celebrating the school through social media, class websites, etc


  • Information Technology & Communication Systems Permission: This form was previously called our Acceptable Use/Terms of Use form and ensures students are using technology safely and appropriately at school

Aboriginal Consultation Letter

  • Aboriginal Ancestry Form: This form is for self-identification of Aboriginal Ancestry

Health Check Form – Revised March 2021

  • Daily Health Check Form: The new daily health check form is translated into multiple languages. Please use these as a reference when completing the daily health check with your child. Thank you for doing your part in following our procedure and keeping the community healthy and safe.

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