Emergency Preparedness & Response

Health and safety are a priority in the Langley School District. Schools follow emergency procedures to ensure students, staff, and any visitors in our schools or sites are safe. At the start of every school year, administrators, teachers, and staff are trained on emergency procedures. Schools practice a set number of drills annually in preparation for unexpected situations. Below are staff emergency procedures followed as well as a list of drills completed in our schools. As a reference, you will find the Staff Emergency Procedures Poster located in the right-sidebar in areas throughout our buildings. If you have any questions or concerns, about emergency procedures, please get in contact with your child’s teacher or administrator.


Used in response to an armed or dangerous assailant WITHIN the school

Gather people in your vicinity into a secure room – do this quickly
Close and secure doors
Turn off lights, be quiet, get down low/behind heavy furniture, get out of sight
Silence all cell phones and ask that they be placed face down on floor
Alert other occupants by any means available and/or call 911 – only if safe to do so OR Leave Safe. If no secure area is available and a safe exit is, then quickly leave the area/school. Report to the designated assembly area and await instructions.

*Normal activities in the school cease. Await police response.

Hold & Secure

Used if there is a security concern in the neighbourhood

Bring everyone into the school and remain inside
Secure exterior doors and windows
Close exterior window blinds/drapes (if available)
No one may enter or exit the school during Hold & Secure

*Typically normal activities continue WITHIN the school.


Used to move people out of the school when a hazard exists inside

Direct students and other staff to exit the school via the shortest safe route
Report to and assemble outside at the designated assembly site

*Principal or designate will determine next steps.

Shelter In Place

Used if an environmental hazard may impact the school

Bring everyone into the school and remain indoors
Secure exterior doors and windows
Close exterior window blinds/drapes (if available)
Turn off all ventilation systems (if locally available/situation dependent)
Staff designates will monitor access to the school via the main entrance
Access may be denied if a risk exists that jeopardizes the safety of occupants

*Typically normal activities continue WITHIN the school.

Room Clear

Used to move people away from a hazard contained in one room/area

Direct students to leave the room/area and report to designated area (Ex. Library)
Summon assistance as needed and appropriate (Ex. call First Aid Attendant, Principal/Vice-Principal, 911)

*Staff should remain to manage the situation or exit if the room is unsafe.

Drop, Cover & Hold On

Used in the event of an earthquake, explosion, or any event that shakes the school

Quickly move away from obvious hazards
DROP – low to the ground
Cover – take Cover under a sturdy table, desks, furniture, or other large sturdy items
HOLD ON – to the furniture you are under and stay there until the shaking stops
After the shaking stops, wait 60 seconds and then EVACUATE via the shortest safe route. Report to and assemble outside at the designated assembly site.

*Principal or other designate will determine next steps.

School Drills

6 drills per year
3 per semester – fall and spring

Note: actual alarms and false alarms count as drills

2 drills per year
October  – Great BC Shakeout

3 drills per year

1 review of procedures per year with all

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