Friday, September 11, 2020

Welcome back, James Kennedy Families! It was so lovely to see all the smiling faces return to school over the past two days. Our staff have worked so hard to create a welcoming and safe classroom and school experience for all our students. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to our custodial staff. They have been working so hard to prepare the school over the summer and each day/evening so it is clean and safe for kids and staff! On behalf of all our staff, we would like to thank all of YOU for your patience, cooperation and understanding as we developed new systems and structures to ensure all students and staff are safe as we restart school.

We wanted to ensure all families are aware of a few important items:

Permanent 2020-21 Classes:

Your family will receive an email from a classroom teacher today indicating the class placement for your child(ren) this year. Please keep an eye out for this email. Please note: several email providers are sending our emails to SPAM or JUNK folders, so please check these.  If you have not received an email from a classroom teacher by Sunday morning, please contact the office via email.

We want to ensure that all families understand the extensive care and thought that all our staff put forth in creating class lists. This year, in particular, poses an additional challenge with learning cohorts due to COVID-19. We are excited to welcome all students into their permanent 2020-21 classes on Monday!

Arrival & Dismissal: 2020-21 procedures

We were pleased to see how families worked hard to arrive as close as possible to their designated arrival and dismissal time. Thank you for your attention to this! The purpose of the staggered start and end times is to reduce the population of people arriving to the school by 50%, so we have plenty of space for safe parking, drop-off and physical distancing while on the property. When cars and families arrived at their start and end times, there was enough room in the parking lot for everyone. Arriving early or late causes an overlap between the first and second waves of families. Thank you for your attention to this important detail.

A couple friendly reminders for all families for our full-day return starting Monday:

  • A-L families’ schedule: 8:45 am -2:22 pm daily
  • M-Z families’ schedule: 8:55 am- 2:32 pm daily
  • Please arrive as close to your arrival and dismissal time as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate families that arrive early or wish to stay late on the property.
  • The lane closest to the school is a drop-off lane only. The driver must remain in the vehicle at all times. This lane is not a parking lane.
  • The school building is a controlled environment. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow parents to enter classrooms with their children.
  • The playgrounds and fields are closed before and after school.
Daily Health Check Forms:

If you have not already done so, please complete and bring or email the Daily Health Check Form for each of your children. You only need to complete this form once at the beginning of the year acknowledging that you will keep your child home if they have any of the symptoms or circumstances listed on the form.

You can find the form here: Health Check Form 2020Aug – Fillable PDF

Illness at School:

Just a reminder that if your child shows new symptoms while at school, we will need prompt pick-up from a family member or an emergency contact. We ask families to respond quickly to any missed call from the school. As mentioned in prior communication, if your child is sick, please keep your child home! Thank you for your cooperation.

Family accident reimbursement plan:

The Langley School District offers the Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan. For more information, please visit this link:

Thank you for a wonderful first two days! We look forward to having ALL our JKE students together on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Kendra Simonetto, Principal

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Important Information for Student Orientation:

Today, a staff member sent an email to you indicating the classroom door you will head to when you arrive at the school either Thursday or Friday. Apparently, there is a glitch in the system that we use to communicate these emails and some families have not yet received this information. We ask that all families check their Junk or Spam inbox as well. We apologize for this glitch.

For now, we will share the general school information with you. When you arrive, there will be staff outside that will be able to assist you in finding the correct exterior door for your child.

Please review the following information for all families returning to face-to-face instruction.

When will my child attend?

As mentioned in prior school communication, families will attend ONE half-day in this first week based on the last name of the youngest sibling that attends our school.

Last name A-L: attend Thursday, September 10th,  8:45 am -12:00 noon

Last name M-Z:  attend Friday, September 11th, 8:55– 12:00 noon

Please note: Playgrounds, fields and school grounds are closed before and after school. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Please arrive as close to your assigned arrival and dismissal time as possible.

Where do we go?

When your child arrives, please find a staff member if you do not have the specific room information for your child. Staff will be wearing high-visibility vests.

What does my child need?

On the first day, please bring:

·         A recess snack

·         A pencil box with some labeled pencils, pencil crayons, scissors and glue

·         A labeled water bottle

(You do not need to bring all your school supplies until Monday, September 14th).

I look forward to seeing you and your child and welcoming your family back to school! Please ensure you physically distance from other families while on school property. 

Your permanent classroom teacher and second week information will be emailed to you on Friday afternoon.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Simonetto




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